Minimum Investment Amount: $50,000 – Money Concepts BD & Direct RIA Only

Investment Objective: Tax-managed strategy seeking to provide long-term capital appreciation designed to minimize tax-drag and maximize after-tax returns for tax-sensitive investors. The strategy focuses on small to medium sized businesses that are fundamentally solid and are compounding earnings at an above-average rate. Broadly diversified approach mitigates company-specific risks while ongoing active management ensures investment thesis remains intact. The portfolio leverages “The Inflection Growth Curve” to help identify investment opportunities.

Fund Description:

    • Tax Managed

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Riskalyze Score 91

Released 4/18- Ben Pahl, President of Liberty One was a guest on Orion’s podcast, “The Weighing Machine,” hosted by Rusty Vanneman, CMT, CFA & Robyn Murray.

Listen as Rusty, Robyn, and Ben discuss why there has never been a better time to be a financial advisor.

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