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Our Story

Liberty One Investment Management was founded by a team of high-producing financial advisors who could not find what they were looking for in traditional mutual funds, ETFs, or other asset managers – so they created it themselves. The concepts and strategies they created propelled these advisors to become 3 of the top 5 producing advisors within their respective broker dealer.

What they created worked so well with their own personal clients, other advisors within their broker dealer asked them to share it. Working alongside their broker dealer’s management team, they carved out a space on their broker dealer’s internal advisory platform. Liberty One was born in 2012.

Liberty One strategies and concepts caught on quickly throughout the broker dealer, raising nearly $700 million of AUM within this single distribution channel. With proof of concept in hand within their own retail firm and within their broker dealer, Liberty One decided to take their strategies and concepts to the masses. Liberty One established itself as its own RIA in late 2019 and is currently expanding into numerous distribution channels throughout the financial services industry.

Our Process

We begin the first step with the end-client and investor in mind.

Idea Generation

We look into the gaps and needs of clients before constructing our portfolios

Investment Research

We implement an integrated top-down and bottom-up research approach to screen for assets and investment vehicles that fit our criteria of portfolio inclusion.

Portfolio Management

Various statistical analyses are first conducted to ensure adequate diversification is evident within the portfolio before trading occurs.

Released 4/18- Ben Pahl, President of Liberty One was a guest on Orion’s podcast, “The Weighing Machine,” hosted by Rusty Vanneman, CMT, CFA & Robyn Murray.

Listen as Rusty, Robyn, and Ben discuss why there has never been a better time to be a financial advisor.

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